Director Desk

Mr. Rajjan Lal Gupta
(Chairman )

I heartily welcome and thanks all of our Dealers , Distributors, our staff members and workers, who bring the success to Kadak Family Tea.

Today the company is well known in tea industry in Uttar Pradesh and other neighbourig states. It begin with a very little scale, but because of the support and dedication of my sons , my staff and workers the company always achieved higher goals day by day . The key which brought success to us is our quality control policy. We at Kadak Family Tea, never compromised with the quality and are committed to keep the same for ever . This policy is our moto, our principal and our promise as well.

We thanks you all once again for your support to the company.

Mr. Vinod Gupta
( Managing Director)

We are very greatfull to all our distributors who worked hard to introduce the Kadak Family Tea in various regions of the country either in cities , towns or distant villages as well. We can never forget their contribution to company.

What quality we are delivering is really some what special and definitely no other tea packer can give the same.

We hope we will keep getting success in the tea market as we are getting from several past years.

Mr. Neeraj Gupta

I always remeber the words which my Babu ji always say that we should always keep the quality of our product High to maintain our identity . We always follow his words and are very concerned about the quality, aroma, and taste of our tea. As the result of that and with helps of our team , the company has achieved the success in industry .

In very beginning when the Kadak Family started, our distributors worked so hard with great dedication , and as the result we are a well known tea packers today.