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KADAK FAMILY TEA PVT LTD believes culture is indispensable for the long – term effectiveness of the organization. We have a strongly knit culture with clearly defined elements to guide the 'Way We Live', the 'Way We Work' and the 'Way We Lead'. These values are in line with KADAK FAMILY TEA PVT LTD's Vision and Mission.

The Way We Live

           Passion: Obsessive purpose to create and exceed standards of excellence to raise the bar of performance.

           Empowerment: Employees are allowed to take ownership to complete the task. They are entitled to take decision, which enables them to deliver work of the highest standard.

           Trust: We ensure fairness in all our dealings which enables us to establish transparency and openness in our work culture.

           Respect For Individual: We strongly believe that each individual has his/her own identity and he/she must be treated with respect and we actively promote the same.

           Innovation: KADAK FAMILY TEA PVT LTD believes that innovation is one of the most important ingredients to success. We encourage our employees to question and challenge the status quo and find creative solutions to work related issues which results in continuous improvement of processes, services and products.

The Way We Operate

           Simplicity: We strongly believe in the ROI mindset and encourage people to focus on more of what matters and less of what does not.

           Accountability: We create a strong sense of ownership along with clearly defined goals and roles which drives our employees to deliver results with a sense of urgency, without sacrificing quality.

           Collaboration: To have a healthy work environment and to achieve growth, it is important that people work together and co-operate with each other. Hence, collaboration is an important component of KADAK FAMILY TEA PVT LTD's culture. This helps create a friendly and effective work environment.


           Courage: We believe it is important to voice one's own thoughts in a productive manner. This generates several viewpoints that help us take better decisions with broader perspectives.

           Authenticity: We believe in fairness and transparency of actions and promote credible and trustworthy leadership which demonstrates responsibility and maturity.

           Vulnerability: We believe in mature leadership and ownership of actions and hence, we demonstrate humility with the ideology, "I am wrong" or "I don't know" which helps us to remain solution-oriented.