"Drinking black tea may help blood pressure."

Drinking black tea may lower the risk of heart disease because it prevents blood from clumping and forming clots. In a recent study, researchers found that while drinking black tea, the participants had lower levels of the blood protein associated with coagulation.

Better Nutrition, Jan 2002

People who drank tea regularly had lower blood pressure than those who did not

"blood pressure measurements were lower among the tea drinkers. The researchers calculated that the odds of developing hypertension were cut almost in half among those who drank one small cup a day, and by about two-thirds among those who drank 20 ounces or more daily. There was no difference between those who drank green and black tea."

New York Times, July 27, 2004

"Tea is a healthy dose of preventive medicine"

"You don't have to be a doctor to know that tea can soothe a scratchy throat, ease a headache or simply take the edge off a long, hard day. But scientists have recently found other reasons for us all to drink a cup of tea - or four. Numerous studies show that its benefits, while not fully understood, are very real: tea combats heart disease, lowers cholesterol and staves off several types of cancer while protecting skin and strengthening bones and teeth."

Town and Country, June 2003