"Our VisionTea"

Shri Rajjan Lal Gupta , our founder, believed that his Company was not just about tea, but more a confluence of his values and beliefs.

Of co-existence and harmony. Of the strong and the meek. To make Tea a common denominator that overrides differences of caste, creed, culture or colour.The same beliefs are reflected in out Corporate Philosophy even today.

  • Build long lasting relationships through trust and fair play towards all stakeholders.
  • Be result oriented. Contribute positively.
  • Be progressive and lead from the front. Change with the times.
  • Be socially responsible. Return to the society a share of the gains from commercial enterprise.

The Kadak Family Tea Management

The Kadak Family Tea group is led by Shri Rajjan Lal Gupta , a highly regarded tea expert and tea taster, with rich experience in the tea business. He plays an active role in the tea industry by being an involved member and leader of various tea associations. Mr. Shri Rajjan Lal Gupta is also strongly committed to philanthropic cause and regularly contributes to the society.

Supporting him are Mr. Vinod Gupta Managing Director, Mr Neeraj Gupta Director.

The Kadak Family Tea Team

From a one man Company to over a hundred employees, the Kadak Family Tea Group is today a large family.

While a strong sense of family bonding overrides the organisation, professionalism is encouraged by including experts in the team from various fields. The work environment extends adequate freedom for creative and positive contributions to the organisation and society. In the same light while forging ahead to aggressively tap the packaged tea industry, Kadak Family Tea welcomes talented human resource to share.