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Choose the product carefully

Ascertain the type of product category you want to opt for. Stick with your capabilities if you are already familiar with a particular industry or type of product.

Apply for Licenses

Take permits and appropriate licenses from your state including a DBA permit, tax ID number, and resale permit. If you have plans to have two or more employees, you have to apply for an employer identification number from the IRS.

Lease a Warehouse

You have to find a warehouse to store your inventory if you are a distributor. The space depends upon how much stock you are holding once and the kind of products you are distributing.

Maintain an Inventory System

Develop an inventory system before buying products. Like if you are distributing garments, look out how will you organize them by size, item number, brand, or bar code. No mess should be there for reducing the chances of product missing.

How to Apply?

Please Download the Distributor form and Filled in all the required information and send us back to our email mail to: export@kadakfamilytea.com

Also send all the documents and form by post to HO: 12/20, Krishna Nagar, Kanpur 208007 India

24/7 Hours support
+91-8601 111 140, 8601 111 150
Any Question

Join Us Become a Distributor

We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple and easy communication.

Feature Products

Our Product Feature

High Quality Packaging

Give your products an elegant appeal with sublime high-quality packaging.

Excellent Grinding

Kadak Family is a type of tea made by taking young tea leaves and grinding them into a bright powder.

Awesome Aroma

Kadak Family tea brew is truly happiness in a cup. Some of the best tea flavors are known for their unique aromas.

Wide Assortment

Our tea assortments are a splendid assortment of 15 of our most exquisite black, green, and chai blends.

Proper Roasting

A proper roast can bring the color, aroma, and flavor out of tea leaves.

Pure Grades

Tea grading is our process of evaluating black tea leaves based on quality and processing conditions.
~ Global Reach ~

Being exported to 40 plus countries


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