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Packaging is essential as it is used for the identification of the products in marketing. It enhances the appearance of the label for promoting the product. This is the major importance of labelling in marketing. In addition, labelling also helps to provide the information about a product to the prospective customer. This function fulfills informative purpose of using a tag.

Importance of labelling in marketing

Marketers use labelling to their products to bring identification. This kind of labelling helps a viewer to differentiate the product from the rest in the shelves of the market. There are several used of the label for the products in the market.

Labelling is used for packaging the product. In marketing, a marketer can also use a sticker inedible products to impart knowledge of the ingredients of the food items. This helps to spread awareness among the customers about the item they are consuming and labelling also helps to mention ingredients.

Types of labelling in marketing

There are various types of labelling in marketing. Let us check out:

Branded Product Labels

Products need to be branded to help with identification and play a key role in company brand building programs. Branded Product Labels need to be securely bonded to the product surface in a way that is best suited to that product.

Two Types of Branded Labels

• Removable
• Non Removable labels

Eco or Information Labels

Information Labels or Eco-Labels are used on consumer products such as foodstuff and fast moving consumer goods. They are used to impart information to the consumer about the product. Often these types are made out of eco-friendly substances so that they do not interfere with the products they are associated with.

Other Product Label Types

There are a number of different label types that are in common usage around the world that are regular mass produced by specialist printing services.

What is product labelling?

Product Labelling is a key feature in marketing. It helps to market the product allowing customers to know about the item and give necessary messages including ingredients, instructions, and uses.

Product labelling can be done in a variety of sizes, materials, and shapes. It plays a key role as a point of sale display in the market shelves. They can also communicate information about how to handle a product or how to dispose of it. You can use the labelling for security reasons so that a product should not be misused. It is for these purposes the labelling having the logo or the trademark of the company. All these are different types of uses of the label for a product in the world of business.

What must you include in your label?

A label needs to comply with the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (CCA). This Act is required to give information to consumers, such as:
•       The mandatory consumer product information standards under the CCA
•       Industry specific regulations, such as the Food Standards Code
•       Labels required by customs for some imported products under the Commerce (Trade Descriptions) Act.

Importance of labelling and packaging

Another main purpose of the use of labelling and packaging is to exaggerate the product. A marketer needs to grab the attention of a viewer to purchase the product. Labelling and packaging should be able to beautify a product to add to its visual appeal.

This can instantly grab a viewer’s attention towards a product. You can arouse interest in the mind of a customer towards a product through an attractively designed label. It is essential to use a good quality material for the sticker.

•       The role of packaging and labelling has become quite significant as it helps to grab the attention of the audience.
•       Labelling and packaging can be used by marketers to encourage potential buyers to purchase the product.
•       Packaging is also used for convenience and information transmission. Packages and labels communicate how to use, transport, recycle or dispose of the package or product.


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